Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus (URECA)

URECA is an undergraduate research general elective at the Nanyang Technological University. It provides outstanding undergraduates an opportunity to pursue independent research under the supervision of a professor over a 11-month period. These undergraduates will be given the coveted title of NTU President Research Scholar (NTU PRS).

AD4H provide URECA students interested in work at the intersection of art & design and Health an opportunity to reflect, connect and investigate how their skills and practice might help address health and wellbeing issues and challenges in various setting.


URECA Students:

  1. NG SOK WOON, DESIREE (Visual Communication, Year 3) 2017/18;
  2. MOK JIAMIN (Interactive Media, Year 2) 2017/18;
  3. LAU SIEW HUANG, CHRISTI (Mechanical Engineering (Design Pathway), Year 2) 2017/18, and
  4. TAN CHAO MIN (Psychology, Year 3) 2017/18.



URECA Students:

  1. Grace Goh Hui Een (Product Design) 2016/17,
  2. Khaw June Ming (Animation) 2016/17 and
  3. Cassandra Seah Ei Lyn (Product Design) 2016/17.
Grace (Left), June (Centre) and Cassandra (Right) presenting their projects at the 2nd Arts&Health Festival at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital